Would you like to get a memento for your "I love me" wall?
Do you want something for your Halloween costume?
Are you collector looking for custom badges?
Or need items for a film production?

For all your needs, Joysingers IDs

Joysingers IDs has the finest replicas of items used in movies and tv series and by military and law enforcement.

We have specialized in reproducing identification cards, credentials, papers, police badges, ribbons and even cigarette packets or military rations' items.

About us

We trace our roots in 2011, when we first started auctioning replicas of obsolete US military identification cards and documents on eBay. Later we specialized in reproducing movie prop ID cards, papers and credentials.

Our goal

Today, we are specialized in reproductions of identification cards, credentials, badges, ribbons, cigarette packets from movies and tv series, the military and law enforcement. We can offer the best manufacture and an incredible accuracy of materials, design and quality. We are the only ones to be able to make such high quality reproductions and we have exclusive collector items that you cannot find elsewhere on the market.

Customer care is one of our points of pride: we always remain available for any question or request coming from customers, especially when it comes to such orders which require a side-by-side work with the customer. We strive in order to satisfy your needs at the best of our capacities.

Our goal is customer's satisfaction.

Before you proceed in the navigation, we would like to point out the following: we offer a service for collectors, fans of movies, tv series, military and law enforcement (including active and retired members) and film production companies. We do not authorize nor encourage in any way the misue or use against the law of any item we produce. Nor will be available to sell anything that could hurt anyone. To this purpose, a series of restrictions have been established and are actively enforced. Our items are for collectible or entertainment use only.
We strongly condemn the misuse or use against the law of any of our item. Our service is addressed to those law-abiding people who just want to enjoy their passions and hobbies.
A disclaimer message is placed as a reminder of this at the bottom of each page contained in the Products section.



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